Meet Expert MOH's Surgeon, Tracy Campbell, M.D.

Dr. Tracy Campbell

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, your Physician may suggest Mohs micrographic surgery. CCSD strives to offer the best-of-the-best and our approach to corrective and surgical dermatology is no different. Dr. Tracy Campbell is a board certified dermatologist who is fellowship-trained in Mohs micrographic and reconstructive surgery, cutaneous oncology, and laser and cosmetic surgery.

Why Choose a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon?

You want your skin cancer treatment to be performed with the highest standards of quality and competency. The American College of Mohs Surgery is the only organization that requires its members to have successfully completed an extensive fellowship that requires at least one full year of training and hands-on experience provided by highly qualified instructors after completing their years of residency training. We are proud to call Dr. Campbell a part of our CCSD family.

Dr. Campbell has written several academic manuscripts in cosmetic dermatology, surgical dermatology, and medical dermatology journals, instructing other dermatologists on a wide variety of procedures and techniques. She supports Photodynamic Therapy, topical cancer prevention regimens and says; "I am very passionate about skin cancer surgery and do about 1,000 surgeries a year. I believe in treating every aspect of the skin in order to prevent and protect each patient I see." Being expertly trained using lasers and cosmetic injectables she also makes a perfect choice for your next cosmetic consultation.

Learn How to Protect and Detect Against Melanoma

SPOT Skin Cancer Check

(Photo Source: American Academy of Dermatology)

Designated by the American Academy of Dermatology, National Melanoma Skin Cancer Prevention Month aims to raise the awareness of skin cancer, increasing the chances of early detection and proactive treatment. It is vital that skin cancers such as melanoma, a rare and often deadly form of skin cancer, are treated as early as possible.

Melanoma, and other less aggressive forms of skin cancer, are often caused by exposure to high levels of sunlight. A mole can become malignant many years after the skin has been burnt - one or more blistering sunburns during childhood or teenage years can heighten the risk of skin cancer many years later.

Tips for Managing Rosacea Symptoms

Acne rosacea is a condition that can make your skin appear, flushed and irritated. With the help of board certified, fellowship trained dermatologist, Dr. Rachel Pritzker here at Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, we can help you effectively manage rosacea symptoms.

This video from the American Academy of Dermatology discusses ways to prevent flare-ups. Following an initial consultation, Dr. Pritzker will listen to your concerns and provide a care plan to ease rosacea symptoms. To minimize the risk of an acne rosacea breakout, dermatologists often stress the importance of diet and encourage simple chemical paraben free skin care regimens. It can be beneficial to limit the exposure of certain environmental triggers to avoid unwanted side effects such as heat, hot drinks like tea or coffee and alcohol.

The team Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology can provide you with many acne rosacea treatment options both easing symptoms of skin inflammation and long term management. To schedule a consultation, call (312) 245-9965.

Spotlight on Viviscal Professional for Hair Loss

Hair Loss Chicago

Hair loss is a common but upsetting condition for men and women alike. Concerns of thinning hair, excessive shedding, balding or alopecia are frequently seen at our Practice. Symptoms can be managed and improved with the appropriate care. Viviscal Professional is a dermatologist recommend hair loss supplement that many patients see great benefit from. If thinning, shedding or loss is causing you concern, talk to one of our care providers here at Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology about how Viviscal Professional can help you enjoy thick and healthy hair once more.

Thinning hair is hair in need of nourishment and can be more susceptible to breakage. Viviscal Professional supplements nourish hair follicles from the inside out with the help of their clinically studied AminoMar® marine complex and a blend of vital nutrients – including Biotin, Vitamin C and Apple Extract – that all promote existing hair growth and enhance the look and strength of your hair. When used on a consistent basis, these supplements can quickly restore hair vitality and help patients enjoy thick and lustrous hair they deserve.

With the help of your dermatologist, you can successfully combat your hair loss problems. For information on the Viviscal Professional product or to schedule an appointment at Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, call (312) 245-9965. You can also view our website to learn more about our complete dermatological services.

Why It's Never a Bad Time to Try Injectables / Injectables for Prevention and Restoration

Chicago Dermatologist The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles is not exclusive to aging skin. Genetics, lifestyle, smile lines and frown furrows can prompt premature wrinkles in younger patients too. Our cosmetic dermatologists, Dr. Carolyn Jacob, Dr. Rachel Pritzker and Dr. Tracy Campbell, often recommend injectables as prevention and treatment for patients of all ages. If you are concerned about movement lines or volume loss schedule a cosmetic consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate.

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin can help to relax the muscles that cause frown or tension lines helping patients to look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Hyaluronic acid injectable fillers help to reduce the depth of facial lines associated with hollowing and volume loss that we associate with aging. To protect your skin from premature aging and unwanted wrinkles, consult with one of our board certified, fellowship trained dermatologists about what treatment is right for you.

With Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology we can help you look and feel the revitalized and refreshed. Our injectables can safely smooth fine lines and restore volume loss so you no longer feel tired and older than your years. Call (312) 245-9965 to learn more about our complete skin rejuvenation services.

An Introduction to Breast Augmentation

Chicago Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure used to correct, repair or enhance the size of a woman's breasts using silicone gel or saline implants. Here at Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology we can help you achieve the figure you desire. If you are considering this procedure, you should thoroughly understand how it can enhance your physique and what occurs during this type of cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure because it can address many cosmetic issues – asymmetry, proportion or repair and enhancement. Perhaps the most common reason for breast augmentation is breast enlargement using silicone or saline implants. Many women wish to have a more proportional figure, and breast implants can provide them this helping to boost confidence and the fit of clothing.

Should you decide to move forward with a breast augmentation, you will first have a comprehensive consultation with our double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Niki Christopoulos. She will help you determine your preferred breast size and the implants that can best accommodate your aesthetic needs. Dr. Christopoulos will also explain how you should prepare for your surgery and what assistance you may need in the days following it. Your post-operative care is included in the cost of your procedure and provides comprehensive instruction to help you, until fully healed and can return to your normal activities.

Don’t let the size or shape of your breasts impact your self-esteem and social interactions. You deserve to feel body beautiful. Under the expert care of Dr. Christopoulos, breast augmentation is a safe and effective procedure that can help you look on the outside, how you feel on the inside. Patients typically experience a simple and uncomplicated recovery allowing them to enjoy their new shape and return to daily activity. Choosing cosmetic surgery with Dr. Christopoulos and Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology we can ensure that your procedure provides the look you want.

Do you have more questions about breast augmentation? Then call Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology at (312) 245-9965. We can set up a consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Niki Christopoulos for all your surgical needs.

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology April Newsletter

Spring into summer beautifully with services and products from Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology!

Join Us For a CoolSculpting Event!

Join Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology for our CoolSculpting event, Tuesday, April 7th from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. We will have complimentary consultations, live CoolSculpting demonstrations and special event pricing for this night only! Visit our website for more information and to view before and after photos! To reserve your space, call us at (312) 245-9965 or email us at

2nd Annual Sun Hero Gala

The Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation is hosting the 2nd Annual Sun Hero Gala on May 16, 2015 at 7:00 PM! Sign up today!

Chicago Sun Hero Gala 2015

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Belotero Balance Injection in Chicago

Erase those etched-in lines around your lips and get back your beautiful smile with Belotero®. Get $150 OFF when you book by 4/15/15.

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